Curved piecing workshop

IMG_6262Last Saturday, I took a workshop on curved piecing. I thought it would be hard to do… I can remember setting in sleeves and so on in my clothes-sewing days, and there was always much pinning and clipping of seams. But we all used these curved piecing templates to cut the pieces, and sewing it required only a pin at the beginning, centre and end of curve. I’m told that, with practice, no pins will be required at all. I think I’ll need lots of practice before that happens.

Admittedly, I messed up on my first try. It was going pretty well until I passed the midpoint of the curve. Then I started building up a fullness that I couldn’t seem to ease out. I ended up with a pucker right before the final pin. I think it came from allowing one of the fabrics to stretch too much as I sewed along the bias. The instructor suggested inserting a pin at the three-quarter point, and I did that the second time around, and that made the difference. After a couple more blocks, I started to get the feel for it, and left out the three quarter pin altogether.

IMG_6266The pattern we’re making is called “Moon in the Window” by Eliza’s Back Porch. I was thinking “Blue Moon”, and so picked Oriental fabrics that are in the blues and browns flavour. The background (including the sashing that will form the window frames) will be dark brown. I think it will look cool when done.

I finished all the “large moons” last night after the kids went to bed. Then I started cutting the fabrics for the small moons. If I can finish cutting tonight (maybe!) then I can start piecing. One of the other women in the workshop pieced little moons on Saturday, and she said it was harder to piece the little moons than the big moons — we’ll see. I hope it goes okay! My goal is to get all the moons pieced before Saturday, so I can work on the sashing for the second half of the workshop!

Ultimate goal: to have a quilt to hang in my front hall. This pattern is supposed to make a quilt that’s 60″x60″, which would be not quite big enough for a bed, but certainly big enough to fill the empty wall in our foyer.



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