A sampling of sashiko

IMG_1183My friend Renske, a quilt artist and teacher, invited me to join a sashiko workshop at her home. Without doubt, I already have enough projects on the go… but I’m always game for something new!

I really love the effect of the white sashiko thread against the navy fabric. So crisp and clean! Even though my stitches aren’t as tiny or as even as I would ideally like, I was pretty happy with the overall effect. After all, when you step back a bit and stop agonizing over every tiny stitch, the larger pattern emerges, and it’s quite dramatic.

IMG_1191 Showing some of her many gorgeous samples, Renske explained how even a little sashiko can be used to complement or embellish a traditional quilt – or wall hanging, table runner, quilted bag, etc. I love this one of an appliqued orchid surrounded by sashiko stitching.

I was inspired to pick up a copy of Susan Briscoe’s “The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook,” which contains great photos and designs. As always, there are so many possible projects, and not enough hours in the day!

I have to finish up my sampler sashiko blocks, then decide what to make them into. I do have a jelly roll of Japanese indigos hanging about in my sewing room – an obvious pairing. I just have to find a pattern or design to inspire me…



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