Autumn braid, a table runner

runner shot 1 small

In the interest of procrastinating about my other “in progress” projects, I recently purchased a kit to make this braid runner, pattern by G.E. Designs.

I’m sure you understand – I needed this runner. It’s autumn, and I didn’t have anything appropriate to put on my kitchen table. My only other runner is a store-bought Christmas one, and it’s too early for Christmas. You see the need, right?

This was my first attempt at a quilt-as-you-go pattern, and I wished there had been a bit more instruction in it. I realized only halfway through the project runner shot 2 smallthat the quilting on the backside would have looked better if I had stitched edge to edge of the batting each time I added a piece of fabric to the braid. Instead, I only sewed the length of each fabric strip, and so the quilted pattern on the back looks a bit truncated. When I finally discovered the problem, I didn’t feel like picking it apart – I mean, who is ever going to turn the runner over? So I left it. Live and learn.

Overall, I love it. It warms up the kitchen with its gold and orange tones. I fussy-cut a couple of maple leaves and fused them to the centre block to add a personal touch.

Ultimately, I’d like to make a different runner for each month of the year. Do you have any favourite table runner patterns?



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