Yo-yos & bed pillows

megs bedHere is a picture of my daughter’s bed, which I post for two reasons. First, I want you to notice the gorgeous antique yo-yo spread. It was made by my great-aunt Helen – and she had obviously planned to make a second one, because I also have an old bag of fabric circles, completed yo-yos, and even some completed blocks. I don’t know if this spread was ever used before it came to me – I know my mother kept it shoved away in the back of a closet.
When I was a teen, I used it on my own bed. You might think it crazy to put this antique on a 7-year-old’s bed: it’s delicate old fabric! But the way I see it, she loves it and enjoys it. That’s what we make quilts for, isn’t it? I’m sure my great-aunt (who would be 112, if she were still alive) would be thrilled to know that her great-great niece was enjoying the fruits of her labours.
yo yo close up I do need to make some repairs soon: there are a few places where a yo-yo is becoming detached, and even a few yo-yos that have lost their pucker. But those fixes are easy enough to make. What I’ve struggled with over the years, is what to do with that bag of partial yo-yos down in my sewing room! After all, vintage fabric is a valuable thing. I could probably e-Bay the bag and be done with it. yo yo unravelledBecause, to tell you the truth, I don’t have much interest in making a yo-yo bed spread. The boys wouldn’t want one, and I don’t think my husband is a yo-yo guy, either.
Still, I hate to get rid of something that belonged to aunt Helen. She was like a grandmother, and sewing helps me feel connected to her. So I’m on the hunt for yo-yo ideas: something that would enable me to put them to good use.
bolster with insetIn the meantime, I wanted to show you the second thing related to Mouse’s bed: her new bolster pillow that she insisted I make for her yesterday. She saw the fabric and loved it, and I’m just too soft-hearted when it comes to fabric purchases!
I didn’t have a pattern, but it wasn’t too hard to fake one. As you can see by the inset in the photo at left, I even centred each end of the bolster on a flower – I felt very clever when I thought of that before I cut the fabric!
bear and pup are friendsMouse is delighted with it, and already has plans for more pillows (and doll quilts) for her many, many stuffed friends.
Maybe I can find a way to turn some of those old yo-yos into throw pillows and doll blankets? Definitely an idea to sleep on!




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