Felted friends

Sometimes, your kids will ask you for things that are impossible (or hugely expensive) to buy. Case in point, when son #3, S, asked for more Pokemon plush friends. He had very specific Pokemon he wanted, and since there are now hundreds of different Pokemon, you can imagine that it’s difficult to find a store that carries them all. In fact, we were lucky to find a dozen different ones at our local Toys R Us. And none were the one he wanted: his favourite, Metagross.

Thus, as a good mom, I was left with no choice but to try to make him the desired Poke-friend.

Okay, not an exact match, but close enough to snuggle with and satisfy my son.

Now, cuddle toys for boys are rather different than those for girls. While my daughter loves stuffed cats and bears, S prefers things like tarantulas and Pokemon. Oh, and dead ducks. What???

Yeah, this little fellow came out of a Zombie Feltie book I found at the craft store (have to check its name — it might actually be “Zombie Felties”), that was filled with things like undead creatures, vampires, classic zombies, and so on. S chose Dead Duckie — modelled on your classic bathtub duck, this little guy sports bleeding wounds and evidence that a hunter had found his mark. There are even some zombie fangs on his beak! For maximum reality, S insisted that the duck be double-sided — it’s just not accurate to embellish only one side of a plush friend, even when it’s an undead plush friend.





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