Quilted Postcards

Mouse and I decided to attend a class on making quilted postcards. Basically, you fuse fabric of your choice onto one side of a rectangle of Peltex, quilt as desired, then fuse a piece of plain muslin to the other side of the rectangle. Surge around the edges, and you have a postcard!

Here is one of the postcards I made — I used a fabric marker to write a Thank You message on one side, and on the other, I wrote a message to Mouse’s teacher at the end of the school year.

You might notice that there’s not much quilting happening on this card. That’s because, part way into the class, my sewing machine broke! Most frustratingly, the bobbin casing came out of alignment, and I couldn’t sew. I’d had it serviced just before the class, and the repair person hadn’t reassembled it properly! I had to make do for the rest of the class, cutting and fusing, but not quilting or sewing.

Here’s another postcard I made that day — I actually got some stitching in on this one before my machine went kaput.

Making postcards was a lot of fun, and Mouse really enjoyed the class. The postcards were a good, small project, easy to do for a sewer with not very much experience.

Now, if I’m organized, I will keep the momentum going, and use the rest of my peltex to create some fabric Christmas cards this year! I have a friend who has given me a fabric card every year for the last several years. They are a delight to get, and I keep them and use them in subsequent years as part of my holiday decorating!



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