It’s finally hanging!

Do you remember back when I took that curved piecing workshop? It’s a good thing I’m never in a hurry with my quilting. I finally got it finished. Then finally got it quilted. Then we moved.

At last, my husband kindly hung my Moon in the Window quilt on the brick wall beside our staircase in the new house.

The bottom isn’t hanging quite straight — I might add some weights or a second pocket and rod along the bottom edge… Still thinking about that.

But I’m happy with how the moons turned out, and the quilting by Linda Weinstein of Creative Sisters is fabulous! When I first finished the quilt, I was a bit disappointed with how dull the dark brown background looked, compared to the Asian fabrics used for the moons. I thought it would be a nice contrast, but it was… boring. When I told that to Linda, she suggested quilting ginko leaves onto the brown sections, using a gold-green variegated thread. Did it ever make the difference! I just love how it turned out. Thank you, Linda!



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