Scrappy baby quilt

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy new fabrics this year, other than what I needed to complete existing projects… and technically the fabric for this quilt doesn’t count, because I didn’t buy it.

I was visiting my friend Megan, and she happened to mention that she had bags of fabric scraps that she was getting rid of… who can resist someone else’s scraps?

It was like Christmas, going through her bag of scraps. Silly, I know. I get so excited when I get to admire bits of fabric: even small pieces of pretty prints or batiks can make my heart go pitter-patter. I was quite excited when I saw that she had cast off a bunch of coordinating strips and squares in cheerful, colourful baby prints. Adding in some fabrics from my own scrap bag, I was able to eek out a baby quilt, in a modern scrappy log-cabin style pattern. My son C is holding it up for me to photograph.

It’s smallish, so it needs a border — I hope to find something suitable in the next week or two. Then Megan agreed to machine quilt it, and we will donate it to charity.

I know, I cheated: this really qualifies as a new project, and I’m not supposed to start anything new. But it didn’t take very long, and it was fun to make… so shh! Let’s just pretend we didn’t notice me making this quilt.




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