PJ’s and Pillowcases

For Christmas, I wanted to make something homemade for everyone in my family. But I was short on time. Fortunately, pillowcases are a fun, easy-t0-make gift: by choosing a fabric suited to the receiver, you can make the pillowcase highly personal; it’s something the receiver can use right away and every day; a pillow case can be made up in under an hour. Another bonus — all the fabrics I used to make the following gifts came from my stash, or my scrap bin!

For son #1, I decided to make him a pillowcase that matched the “creeper” quilt I’d made him the previous winter. I had lots of leftover fabrics, so I chose a multi-colour green print for the main part of the case, and black for the contrast detail. He loves it — looks great with his quilt.

Son #3 loves all things undersea, and a couple years ago I bought a panel fabric from the local quilt store, with some cool undersea scenes. I’d thought I would use them as part of a quilt for his room, but you know how it goes. The fabric bought with such good intentions had already sat on my shelf for quite some time, and I was beginning to be afraid he might outgrow his interest in sea creatures before I ever got around to buying more fabric, coming up with a design, and actually making the quilt. So instead, I rummaged around in my stash to find enough coordinating fabrics to turn the fabric panels into two double-sided pillowcases. They turned out pretty well, I thought, and he loved them. Now, instead of being in storage indefinitely in my storage cupboard, the panels are in active use on his bed and will be enjoyed every day. I’m happy about that.

For daughter, I had some fabrics leftover from making her a Christmas stocking. They were all fabrics she loved and had picked out herself. With some inventive piecing, I managed to make two pillowcases out of the scraps. She was super happy about that, and I was happy about using up the leftover fabrics.

Son #2 did not get a pillowcase. He had been complaining for some time about how all his pj’s were too short — the result of a teenage growth spurt that saw him sprout up to over 6 feet. For him, I rummaged in my stash and found a great long bit of flannel printed with airplanes: I’d originally meant to use it as the back of a quilt that never got made. I pulled it out and made it into pajamas with extra-long legs. It took me about the same time as a pillowcase, actually, because pj bottoms are pretty straightforward. Also, I got to use my serger, which often sits idle since I started quilting.

I even made a couple of pillowcases for my husband, that match the snuggly winter quilt I made him (again, made with fabric that had been leftover from the quilt).

Don’t know what I will do for next year — have I started a dangerous trend??


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