Cool log cabins!

IMG_3335This weekend, my husband, oldest son, daughter and I ran a 3 km race to race money for a children’s charity. While we were waiting for the race to begin, we wandered around inside City Hall, and saw some quilts on display — of course, I had to admire them.

I really liked this log cabin one, so I snapped a picture with my phone. It’s cool, because there are actually log cabins in the quilt! The photo is a bit blurry, but I think you can get the idea.

And here we are, all ready to race! I do love a pre-race selfie.

IMG_3346Not sure if I would make a log cabin quilt… it seems like a lot of work, although I do think they look homey and cozy. I would be tempted to make a schoolhouse quilt, though! I once saw a quilt where the schoolhouses were very dark blue on a purple background, and the windows and doors were done in a bright golden-yellow — the quilter said they were houses at night, and it did indeed look like the lights were on! I also like the traditional red and white, or blue and white, or even black and white schoolhouse quilts. Another project idea to add to my quilter’s bucket list!


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