Chimchar and Ditto felt toys

IMG_0819Charmed by the idea of being able to make custom toys, my visiting nephew Conan announced that he would like to make some felt toys for his little brothers. Fortunately, thanks to a friend who decided to clear out her craft room before moving to a retirement home, I have a surplus of felt, in almost every colour.

IMG_0820For Ditto, the pink blob-shaped Pokemon, Conan drew his own pattern (basically, a blob shape), cut it out, and then I helped him to sew the edges and stuff it. It’s a pretty simple toy, but it was made for a 9 month old baby, so simple is okay.

For his three year old brother, Conan wanted to make Chimchar, a fire monkey Pokemon. This one required me to create a pattern based on a picture we found on the computer screen. He helped me cut out the pieces, and then I did most of the sewing — although he helped stuff.

There’s nothing at all sophisticated about these toys, but the boys liked them. And that’s what it’s all about.



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