Charlotte’s bag, version 2

IMG_0130Here is the second iteration of Charlotte’s bag — this one made large enough to carry her DS! Charlotte herself chose the fabrics, so they matched her preference. IMG_0131I really like the “wave” (or maybe it’s “wind”?) fabric, the multi-coloured blue swirls on white, that she chose for the back pocket and straps. I have a lot more of this fabric — I actually bought it years ago because I wanted to make some sort of kimono quilt, but never figured out how to make it work. Charlotte pulling it out of the back of my closet reminded me how much I like this fabric, though, and I hope I can think of another project to use it in, where I can really enjoy it. I think it’s pretty, and I like the motion.

But to be truthful, the above bag is actually the third iteration. After Charlotte’s 1st bag, I tried making a much larger sized bag, but Charlotte pronounced it to be TOO big. Here it is — it has since been adopted by the Mouse, who says she will use it as a purse:

IMG_0967IMG_0968IMG_0969The orange and turquoise fabrics were fat quarters I purchased to use at a miniquilt workshop, but I ended up using different fabrics instead, so here was a good chance to use that fabric, to make something cheerful and summery. I hope Mouse gets lots of use from it!



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