Two too short items become one that fits

Years and years ago, my MIL made my daughter a cute little patchwork skirt with an elastic waistband. Mouse wore it forever, until she absolutely couldn’t get into it anymore. Then she kept holding on to it because she liked it so much. I couldn’t convince her to pass it on to a smaller girl.

IMG_0881Finally, she asked me if there was some way to remake it into something she could wear. Tough to adapt a kindergarten-age skirt to a preteen’s wardrobe… but then, as I was folding her laundry, I came across a dark pink babydoll nightie that was also getting too short, and I had an idea.

I picked the waistband out of the patchwork skirt and pulled out all the gathering threads. I could spread the skirt wide enough to make a bottom ruffle that could be attached to the too-short nightie. I wasn’t even too careful about it, since she’s only going to wear it to bed. I fit it as best as I could, machine-basted it, then serged it. Voila! She’s happy, and the two items manage to eke out a bit more life in her closet.



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