My first ever quilt block!

IMG_0040Here’s a picture from the archives! It’s the first quilt block I ever made after joining the quilter’s guild. And one of the first quilt blocks I ever made, period.

It was about 13 years ago — I was a new member of the local guild, attending my first or second meeting. One of the other members was organized an apple-themed group quilt, and she was looking for participants. I think we were given the apple print fabric, and told to make anything related to apples. Or maybe it was the brown fabric. Can’t remember.

Anyway, I was excited to bring my kit home. I decided to make apples in a basket, and I worked hard to make my block. I found the basket pattern in a book, and I fussy-cut the apples and machine-appliqued them on.

I wish I had a picture of the finished quilt. Unfortunately, I don’t, and I don’t even know what charity benefited from the quilt. But at least I took a picture of my own block before I turned it in.



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