Houses, scrappy houses

Ha! Continuing on my obsession from yesterday with scraps, I began today to start pressing, trimming and sorting my scraps. I’ve already suffered through the denial, rage and resignation that it will take me forever to do this. I have bins of fabric and fabric bits.

IMG_0930But as I began to trim and sort, I came across a small bit of fabric that looks like bush. Instantly, I remember my two partially pieced house blocks from a Strip-of-the-Month club from years ago. It occurred to me that this bit of green bushy fabric could be fussy cut a little more, then appliqued onto one of my rather dull-looking house. The bush would spruce the block up a little. But then what would I do with this orphaned block?

Suddenly, I had the idea of making a scrappy house block quit. House blocks, perhaps interspersed with other scrappy strips. Could it be cute?

house-quilt-blockHere is the link to one possible 10-inch house block, found on Wombat Quilts. And here’s another one, also with a link to a pattern, on the same blog.wq-house-block-2Again, fun and scrappy. They just need to be 10″ blocks, to fit with my existing block.

Here on Quilter’s Cache is another sort of cabin-like block, and it has a tall pine tree in the background. Also paper-pieced, with link to the pattern. The dark blue sky gives it a “nighttime” look, but I could use the same light colour as I’ve been already using for my existing house. Could I make a quilted “neighbourhood”?PineTreeCamp

Ah, projects, projects, projects! I really need to make a spreadsheet of all my unfinished projects, and start hammering away at them. It’s so silly to have so many half-finished projects, and so much untouched fabric!



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