I’ve been doggin’ it on this quilt

About three years ago, I started a puppy dog quilt for son #3. Then we decided to sell our house.

IMG_0044For three years, the partially pieced quilt was stored in a box, the pieces all rolled up in a flannel sheet. While working my way through my bins, looking for scraps to press and turn into strips and squares, I finally unearthed this long-languishing project, and decided to take it will me to this month’s Sewing Circle Wednesday. Here you can see the unrolled sheet, with a few pieced blocks, and a lot of unpieced pieces.

IMG_0046I made pretty good headway at the sewing circle, piecing the “bars” that eventually form the “stars” around the centre theme fabric. You take a rectangle of light fabric, then place a square of contrast fabric on either end, and stitch diagonally across the squares — trim, turn out and press to make points for the star. But I quickly realized I was going to be generating a lot of waste triangles from clipping the corners off. I hate to waste. But I didn’t want to start a bin of “triangle cut-offs” on top of my squares and strips. I decided to sew a second line, half an inch from the seam line, then slice between the two to create a small square made of two half-square triangles.

IMG_0047But these were pretty small, indeed. So I decide to combine four squares to make a small pinwheel block. Then I used some scrap strips to add a small border to each block. So I’ve been generating a bunch of little blocks — I have to decide whether to work them into this quilt (maybe as a border accent?), or give them their own mini-quilt. In any case, I’ve saved these little scraps from the garbage… even though I’ve probably devoted a ridiculous amount of time to piecing them!

IMG_0045Consequently, the work on the dog quilt has progressed much more slowly than if I had simply cut off these triangles and pitched them. But waste not, want not. At least now everything is neat and pressed, and I can work my way methodically through the quilt.





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