Oops, I bought new fabric (but there’s a reason!)

I know what you will say — shouldn’t new projects (and new fabrics!!) be taboo right now?? Didn’t I just say that I wouldn’t buy anything new until my existing stash is used up?!?
IMG_0049Well, this is an exception, because our guild is offering a free beginner quilting class for members, and The Mouse wants to take the class. I think it will be good for her — sewing with me is different than sewing independently in a learning environment. She’ll be more motivated to take risks, to attempt things that at home she would simply beg me to do for her.

The non-free part about the class is, of course, the supplies. The pattern everyone will be making is a snowball-style table runner, with Christmas fabrics suggested. Since I’ve already got a Christmas table runner underway, I decided to sew for a different season. I had this happy sunflower print in my stash — purchased long, long ago for another (still incomplete) project. But I didn’t have enough contrast fabric to go with it, so I ended up buying a metre of this cheerful gold batik. I will make this my “summer” table runner.

The Mouse, however, had nothing in her stash that was suitable for a table runner, so I agreed we could buy her some new fabric. She has expensive taste. She ended up with a turquoise-blue batik for her background, and five fat quarters that will be used for her snowballs. I’m not sure if hers will be a tablerunner I ever get to use on the kitchen table, or if she will squirrel it away somewhere when it’s finished… maybe she could use it on her dresser top in her bedroom?

Regardless, I’m glad to be using at least one fabric from my stash, and that being one I didn’t envision using any time soon!! Our first class is this Saturday. I hope The Mouse will have fun and learn a lot — and since I am self-taught at sewing, perhaps I too will pick up some tips and tricks I haven’t discovered yet.



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