Majora’s Mask Hallowe’en costume

majoras maskS (aka son #3), wanted a Hallowe’en costume inspired by the classic Majora’s Mask video game. Actually, at first he asked me to sew him a wearable mask that looked like the one at left. Of course, he couldn’t choose an easy costume, like a ghost, or ask me to sew a vampire cape. No, it had to be a complicated, detailed costume mask.

As I wrestled with how I could make his dream costume come true, I googled “Majora’s Mask costumes” to see if anyone out there in video game fandom had already come up with a solution or pattern. That’s when I came across a new idea — one that S was quite excited about.

happymasksalesmanAt the beginning of the game Majora’s Mask, the hero (you, the player) encounters a Happy Mask Salesman, who sells masks with various powers (one lets you talk to animals, for instance, and another allows you to run quickly). Unfortunately, the Salesman has been robbed of his most precious mask — Majora’s Mask — which is said to have ancient and dark powers. The game progresses as the hero attempts to catch the thief and recover the mask, before the evil behind the mask destroys the world.

IMG_0949It seems that numerous game fans have dressed up as the Happy Mask Salesman, who wears a distinctive purple jacket and gold collar, and carries a backpack covered with masks. When I suggested that S could be the Happy Mask Salesman, he was quite excited.

IMG_0964I made him a fancy collar out of gold felt, heavily embroidered with black thread. Yay! I finally used a bunch of the funky stitches built in to my sewing machine. It was kind of fun, and made me want to find more places I could start using some of these fancy stitches. The Mouse had a purple jacket she agreed he could borrow. Then we pinned some dark purple fabric around a backpack to disguise it, and S, Mouse and I made masks from paper, cardboard and bristol board, and pinned them to the backpack. This morning, I drew some pointy eyebrows on S and brushed his hair in suitable style, and off he trotted to school, happy as a clam.

IMG_0951He and Mouse had a lot of fun making the masks — he told me he planned to keep them after Hallowe’en. Which planted an idea in my head… A mask might be a pain to make, but perhaps I could make several of the masks from the game as machine appliqued pillows? He could keep them on his bed. It would still be work, but it would be fun, too. Hm, something to think about.





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