Pokemon bag

Following on the success of Charlotte’s bag, I decided to make a device bag for my son S. I wanted to use the same pattern (found here) but simplify it by removing the pocket, and use a thicker strap. I thought red and black with a “Pokeball” logo would make it seem masculine enough for a 13 year old boy to carry — not so much like a purse.

IMG_0960Here’s my version. I was pretty happy with it, but it seems S was a little disappointed. I guess it wasn’t what he was expecting. I don’t know what he thought it would be like? But he finally agreed to use it (since I was almost finished making it when he saw it and informed me it was different than expected), and I agreed I could make another bag, in the fabrics and pattern of his choice, if he so desired.

He has taken it to school today, to hold his iPod as he travels from class to class. I hope someone will compliment him on it, and he’ll decide that maybe it’s cool after all.IMG_0961




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