Sewing retreat day

The Mouse and I enjoyed a 1 day sewing retreat, hosted by two women from our guild. It was nice to sew, talk, and eat some delicious homemade food.

IMG_0125I was trying to help Mouse get through her “homework” from her beginner’s sewing class, of piecing her snowball blocks. She made some. She also spent a lot of time visiting, listening to music, and doing cartwheels in the Sanctuary (the retreat was in the adjacent reception room of a local Mennonite church). I did get some things done — I pieced the top for a Memory quilt, for example — but I was also interrupted by Mouse, who decided she could only sew on my machine because she hates the old Kenmore; and also by some other women I don’t see often, who wanted to chat.

IMG_0146I did get some piecing done on the “Car Quilt”. It’s a bunch of car-themed fabric I saved forever, thinking I would one day make a car quilt for Q. I saved it too long, and he has outgrown a lot of the prints. I finally decided to use a brick pattern to piece rectangles of fabric together in a scrappy way. It looks okay. I don’t love it. I think I was supposed to use “mortar” between the “bricks”. But I hope some car-crazy little boy will be okay with it — either one of our nephews, or perhaps I will donate it to charity. Once it’s pieced, I want to try machine quilting it.

I really need to get a teflon mat — I’ve been told by my friend Jolene that it makes all the difference in machine quilting. I hope it improves my quilting experience. The trick now is — where to get one? I might have to order one from the States.




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