Last day of table runner making for Mouse

Today, Mouse attended the last beginner class for how to make a tablerunner. She didn’t get completely finished, but she has the quilting done and the binding cut and pieced. All that’s left is applying the binding.

IMG_0171Here’s the Mouse machine quilting up a storm.

Although one of the instructors cautioned her that the echo quilting she wanted to do around the snowballs might be challenging, Mouse was determined to do it. In fact, I think the fact that the instructor was trying to dissuade her from trying it, made Mouse all the more determined that she was going to do it.

IMG_0172She had a few wobbles, but she did a pretty good job for her first ever effort at this. Moreover, Mouse herself ended up teaching me what the little red lines on my 1/4″ quilting foot could be used for — to be honest, I’ve always treated them like decorative markings, rather than useful guides. But now I know better.

The other thing that has become evident is that Mouse is unhappy sewing on my Kenmore sewing machine. Not a huge surprise, since I myself didn’t love the Kenmore, and that’s why DH bought me the Pfaff several years ago. But because she only wanted to use my Pfaff (to be fair, the Kenmore doesn’t have a walking foot, so she’d pretty much have to use my Pfaff for machine quilting), I wasn’t able to machine stitch at the last two classes.

IMG_1036Instead, I made some progress on a hand applique piece from another workshop I took with Renske Helmuth a few years ago. Here’s my “Autumn Birches” applique. I cut the trees from a birch-patterned fabric I have, so they actually look like birches. In fact, they are the nicest part of the piece, I think. Or maybe it’s just that the realistic look of the birch fabric makes the trees pop more. I have a little left to do on the far left tree, then I have to decide if I want to add one more tree between the first and second trees. The pattern calls for it — but it’s also kind of nice just with the four trees, I think.

Next up this week — time to get to work on my Christmas sewing.


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