Christmas stockings for MIL and FIL

What?? DH tells me that my MIL and FIL have never had Christmas stockings. How can that be? I decided I would make them stockings for this year. It just so happens that I had two pieces of Christmas print fabric, waiting to be used, and I’m on a mission to use up the stash!

I basically copied a store-bought stocking that we have in the house — I traced the outline of the stocking onto a doubled pieced of batting (scrap batting from a previously quilted quilt). I cut out the stocking shape from the batting, then laid it over on of the Christmas fabrics that I had folded into four layers. This made the cutting out pretty simple. Since it’s not a wearable garment or a precisely-pieced object, it didn’t matter to me that much if the pieces I cut were exact. Repeat with more batting and the other Christmas print, to get pieces cut out for both stockings.

IMG_0198Then I layered a piece of batting between two pieces of Christmas fabric, pinned it, and free-motion quilting back and forth in a “U” shaped design. Not perfect, but not bad — and because the print was busy, it hid any irregularlities in the stitching pretty well. Repeat with the other three stocking pieces. I make a loop of matching fabric, and pinned it a the top inside of the stocking as I layered right sides of one stocking together. I sewed around the edges of the stocking, checked to be sure I’d caught all the edges, but not the loop!, and then serged the seam. Repeat with second stocking.

IMG_0197Lastly, I cut a rectangle out of contrasting fabric to make the fold-over bit. Right sides together, I sewed the short ends of the rectangle together, then turned and folded it in half, so that wrong sides of the tube were together. I fit the contrast tube inside the stocking, aligning raw edges of the tube with raw edges of the top of the stocking, and stitched all around. Finally, I pulled the tube up and out of the stocking, then folded it down over top of the stocking to form the cuff. Yay!

I hope my inlaws will be surprised and happy with their stockings! The next bit of work is to find little gifts and treats with which to fill the stockings!


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