Renske’s 2014 Christmas card

Every year, my friend Renske makes me a gorgeous quilted Christmas card. I keep them all, and hang them up as decorations at Christmas time. Last year, I decided I should start making a card for her, too — so I made her a card with a Frisian horse, and included a Christmas greeting in her native Frisian (had to Google it, obviously).

compactThis year is the Year of the Horse, and I decided to make another horse-themed card. This one was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest of a Year of the Horse compact. I’m afraid my quilted version didn’t come out quite as well.

IMG_0217I had trouble with the ear, for one thing. And while at first I thought I would add beads to mimic the stones on the compact, I later decided that it would be overkill, so I left them off. And it was tricky to get the card perfectly circular. However, over all I think it turned out okay, and she was certainly surprised and happy with it.

Now I have to decide if I should continue with a Christmas horse theme next year, or branch out to make something different… also, I should probably start earlier next year, so I’m not rushed to finish. In fact, if I started earlier, I could actually make cards for other friends, too…



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