Gotta have some Soul (Jelly)

Some kids want normal plush toys, like teddy bears, puppies or kitties. My kids, and Bubs in particular, delights in unusual plushies. Bubs’ favourite plushie is a stuffed tarantula we bought in the Science North museum gift shop. He also has a “dead duckie” (a bathtub style duck, but decorated to look like a zombie — yes, homemade by me).

Souljelly-1And now he has asked for a “Soul Jelly” for Christmas: it’s some sort of character, probably a bad guy, from a video game called Spiral Knights. I had to google it to find a picture of what it should look like.

Then I had to try to make it out of fleece.

I looked for a pre-existing free pattern that would make a pyramid-shaped plushie, and found this pattern for a plush rabbit.

I simply deleted the ears, and made the pattern from a blue fleece. I cut out a skull shape from a slightly different coloured fleece (just about a shade or two lighter blue) and used some lime green for the eyes. I appliqued on the skull, sewed up the sides of the plushie, and stuffed it. I hope this is close enough to what he’s looking for.

[picture of completed plushie]




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