A very Metroid Christmas

Metroid plushyMy son S wanted a Metroid plushie for Christmas. Thankfully, I found this blog. I had to buy some lime green fleece, but otherwise was able to use materials I already had in my sewing room. It turned out pretty well — but I noted that the pattern mentioned the possibility of making a Metroid hat. S was never a big hat-wearer — more of a hood man. But I thought the novelty of a Metroid on his head might be enough to inspire him to wear the hat, at least a little.

As it turned out, on Christmas morning he was delighted to unwrap the hat — and he has since worn in constantly! It was a bit of an effort to figure out how to adapt the pattern to a hat, but seems well worth it, for all the use he’s gotten out of it.

S with metroid hat and plushHere he is, opening his two Metroid gifts on Christmas morning.

Big smiles. Happy kid. Nice when you can make a homemade gift that the recipient truly loves!





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