Memory quilt, and scrappy coins

IMG_1170Our guild makes Memory Quilts to donate to the local hospital. These are small, simple quilts that are given to families who have lost a baby at birth — they can either be kept as a memento, or the baby could be wrapped in it for burial. I’ve never made one before because I find the idea a bit depressing — I’d rather make a quilt for a living person. However, I decided I would make at least one. I pieced it at last fall’s mini-retreat; a few days ago, when I finally broke out my new sewing machine, I “tied” it using star tacks; and yesterday I found a piece of fabric suitable for the binding, and machine-bound the quilt, as well as adding a label. That makes one completed project from my sprawling list.

Today, I’m planning to make some more dog blocks for the dog-themed quilt. Mouse is home sick, so we’ll see how that goes.

IMG_1171Also, though it’s technically not on my March to-do list (!!!), I’ve also started sewing fabric scraps onto cash register tape. It makes a long, scrappy strip — my only rule has been to alternate light and dark. My thought is to make a Chinese coin style quilt, using scrappy strips alternating with a dark band of fabric (and I have the dark fabric already!). I’m allowing myself this “cheat project” (i.e., cheating on the projects actually scheduled for this month!) because it’s a pretty mindless thing to work on while watching tv, or when I’m too unfocussed for my main project. And it’s nice to start to see my mini-scraps getting used up! I hate to throw away even small pieces of fabric, and this technique uses up strips that are even just 3/4″ wide — although most strips are 1″ to 2″ wide.



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