The Typewriter quilt

typewriter quilt beforeNot really sure what to call this quilt, but I think the name of the fabric charm pack was “Typewriter”, so I’m going with that for now. A few of the fabrics are meant to resemble old style typewriter keys or fonts… but all the coordinating fabrics are either flowery or graphical (dots, grids) or solids. It’s an interesting variety.

I really loved these charm packs when I bought them, while on a quilting retreat at Lake Huron; now that I’m making the quilt up, the fabrics don’t excite me like they did in the fabric store. Ah well. If someone LOVES it when it’s done, then they can have it. Otherwise, I can probably turn it into a sofa quilt or alternative bed quilt.

So, I took a charm square from the pack, and attached to one side of it a brown on black patterned fabric that reads almost like solid. I alternated sides, so that when placed in columns and rows, each second row would appear offset. I should have simply sewn them together like that. But I got the idea of adding an additional fabric strip to each one — alternating top and bottom — to frame the charm squares. So now I have the extra step of adding those pieces, then putting the columns together. Amazing how much more time that seemingly small, extra step takes. Also, it turns out I didn’t buy as much of the dark fabric as I should have (and it was a couple of years ago, in another city), so my top and bottom spacers are not as wide as I would have liked. But such is life! I’m sure it will all come together in the end.



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