Typewriter quilt progress

alphabetquiltYesterday marked the last sewing circle meeting until after the summer. I decided to work on piecing my Alphabet Quilt, which is really just a few charm packs strung together with a brown on black print. I loved the fabric when I bought it; I’m not so excited about it anymore. Mostly because, I think, I’ve realized that charm packs tend to give me two or three prints I love, and whole lot of coordinating prints that I’m not super keen on — and of course, when I put them together, the prints I don’t love far outnumber the ones I do! I need to remember to not buy precuts. Better to get exactly what I want off the bolt, than have to use up a bunch of stuff I don’t really like. Hey ho! Live and learn.

Anyway, I now have 6 of the 10 rows sewn up; just four more to go. Then… yeah, I don’t know yet how I will quilt it. Maybe just stitch in the ditch. I thought it would be cool to quilt something interesting in the solid squares, but I don’t have any ideas just yet. Maybe leaving them solid is actually the best, because the other squares are already busy.Save



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