A hostess gift

I wanted to test whether I’d learned anything from the reading I’d done about colour so far. I made this little piece for the guild’s retiring president, Trudy — just a little hostess gift. All of it is from scraps — the backing/binding fabric was from a fat quarter I liked but could find a use for; even the batting was a scrap. I love it when I can use every last piece!

Gift for Trudy Dey as past presDid I learn anything from making this little quilt? Well, I struggled to find (enough) scraps in pleasing colours and prints that worked together, get also gave contrast. I think, in retrospect, that that square in the middle dominates a bit. Maybe I should have put a similar square in each of the four corners (if I’d had enough fabric). But I hope she liked it, and appreciated receiving a small handmade gift.

I guess I hoped that reading about colour would enable me to sweep in and say, “Of course! Those are the colours that work together!” and the whole thing would be obvious and planned from the start. In reality, I auditioned fabric after fabric, continually looking for the ones that would pull together. Maybe I’m just expecting too much — maybe there is no secret “eye” for colour, but simply an ability to be able to admit when something isn’t working, and the experience to know when something worked before so maybe try it again.





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