My guild’s 2015 quilt show

Our guild had its biennial quilt show this fall. I didn’t enter any quilts into it — mostly because the Mouse broke her arm last winter, and our sewing time was then somewhat forgotten. But I snapped a few pics for inspiration.

First, my friend Megan entered two lovely quilts. I really, really love the purples and reds of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics in her second quilt! I want to make a quilt like this for myself. Megan has a good eye for colour, and her work is always beautifully executed. Way to go, Megan!

I really like the elephant. I think it was made by Nancy Winn — I should have written it down! But it’s got a great exotic feel, especially with the beads on the bottom. I like the colours of the tessellating pinwheels (sorry, don’t know who made it) and the whimsy and colour of the little monsters (made, I think, by Bernice Gammy). I don’t know why I didn’t snap a pick of the story cards, so I could remember who made what! If you see your work here, please let me know so I can credit you.

The above three shots are of a custom design used on a computerized long arm quilting machine, by Marilyn Farquhar. Marilyn and her son worked together to created the repeating, continuous line design (don’t know if there are any obvious duplicates in these shots, but if you could see the whole quilt, you could pick up the repeats). Love it! So fun.

For these three, I liked the checkerboards and HSTs that made this cozy looking scrap quilt – something to keep in mind for my own scraps. I have lots of 2″ squares… The middle one is sort of a raw-edge reverse applique that had been well washed so that the edges frayed, giving in the feeling of an old Persian carpet. And finally a raw edge applique of garden flowers, by my friend Nicki Nawrot. Bright and cheerful!

Finally, perhaps my favourite in the show was this scrap quilt, made of tiny pinwheels! It looks like something that would be on the bed in the attic bedroom of your old grandmother’s house, you know? I had to take a detail shot, so the tiny piecing would be more obvious. Called “Insanity,” it was made by Susan Butler, and won “Best in Show”.

IMG_1013And last of all, a cat quilt, made by Jennifer Johnston. When I first saw this quilt large quilt hanging, I thought it was an abstract piece — I wasn’t standing far enough back to get the effect. Once I saw it from a greater distance, though, I realized it was a pixelated cat eye and nose. Very neat!

There were many, many more quilts hanging that day. It was a great show, with a great mix of quilts and quilt styles. Maybe one year I’ll get one of my quilts into a show. Maybe. Got to finish them, first!



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