Another video game Hallowe’en

First of all, why do my kids have to wait till the last minute to tell me they want Hallowe’en costumes? Secondly, why can’t they ask for easy, obvious costumes — like a ghost, or a hobo? No, they want to be obscure characters from video games or anime… characters that I sometimes have trouble even finding a picture of, so I know what I’m sewing!

IMG_1540S wanted to be a young man named Nice, from an Japanese anime series I can’t remember the name of. Nice has a supersonic ability, that is somehow related to the earphones he always wears… he snaps his fingers, and suddenly he is able to move at the speed of sound, to dodge or attack an opponent with ease. I did my best to duplicate the outfit Nice always wears, and the costume includes the bandages Nice always wears across his nose and on his cheeks (don’t know if it is ever revealed why he always has these bandages).

IMG_1554Mouse wanted to be some sort of fox-woman, from another anime series. How to make the big bushy tail? I bought some fuzzy yellow fabric, cut it in a tail shape, stuffed it with light and fluffy stuffing, and fastened it to an elastic she could wear around her waist. Actually, I was most proud of the ears, which I made out of felt and managed to stitch to an inexpensive hairband.

Doesn’t everyone love to pose for the camera when they are dressed up?

IMG_1543 Meg posing




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