Value HSTs together!

There’s a benefit to having a husband who is colour-blind — he’s my walking Value appraiser! Whenever I want to know if two fabrics have a value difference, he’s right there to help me. And he’s pretty good-looking, too, so I’m definitely going to keep him.

Value HSTs attempt 1Here was my first attempt to lay out my HSTs from the Value workshop. As you can see, I was struggling with the blocks wherein I’d used a medium/dark combination. Because my lights were all off-white, the medium blues really contrasted, and looked a bit like sore thumbs when they were randomly dispersed through the quilt. My solution was to push them to the perimeter. Looked a bit like a shadowy L on the quilt.

Thankfully, Dear Husband was on hand. He suggested a different strategy — trying to make a “value wash” across the face of the quilt. After much rearranging of blocks, I found I liked this strategy a lot better.

Value HSTs attempt 2I tried to use medium/dark pairings in the lower left corner of the quilt, and gradually move to light/dark, then light/medium in the top right.

I definitely can see why Cheryl said that precuts were difficult to work with in this kind of quilt — it really limited what I had to work with. If I was going to use precuts again, I would have to consider mixing in some other fabrics as well, to get more variation. Still, there was an element of challenge in trying to make the project work using only what I had.

Time to piece — then to find a backing and get this baby quilted!


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