Meandering along

I’ve been piecing a lot lately, but really I have to get back to FMQing. I have a number of tops that are all pieced — I just need to get them quilted. It’s as bad to have them sitting around unquilted, as to have the fabrics sitting in the cupboard unused. I need to bring them to completion.

I started off today with a piece I’d made some years ago at a “minis” workshop taught by Kathy Wagner from Guelph. The fabrics were given to me that day by a friend who sat beside me at the workshop and insisted I share her batiks. I pieced it, using Kathy’s philosophy of “have fun, don’t worry about making it perfect”, and so when you examine the little squares, you’ll see that they aren’t perfectly square. Yes, I’m okay with that — but it did become a problem when I attempted to straight-line stitch some quilting into it. I finished the piece, only to realize that the very straight lines of my quilting made my not-very-straight piecing look really skewed. I unpicked the whole thing.

Stipplingfront_01Feb2016Today, I decided that a nice meander would be a better way to quilt it — lots of curves would flow over the blocks, and perhaps disguise the fact that they weren’t pieced as squarely as they could have been. I think it turned out pretty well.

I did have an issue with the machine seeming to “stick” on some seams — maybe because the places where there were many layers of seams made it difficult for the needle to punch through — maybe even the open-toed foot was sticking? Not sure. I think that hesitation in the quilting is what caused the wee bit of nesting I see on the back, but it’s pretty minimal (looks like white dots here and there along the meander line).


I have some bigger pieces to do, but maybe I should finish up the small ones first, to get more comfortable with my flow. I also think I’d better plan more Quilt As You Go pieces, because I’m afraid it will be awkward to do full sized quilts on my little sewing table.




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