Edyta Sitar’s Trail Mix class on Craftsy

I signed up for an Edyta Sitar class on Craftsy, to make a scrap quilt called “Trail Mix”. Here’s a picture of her sample:

Trail Mix

What I like in particular are the scrappy diamonds, especially they way they are used to make the eight-point stars in each of the four corners. I’m not all that crazy about the chunky pieces with the white squares. But I compared measurements, and figured I can substitute in 5×5 eight point stars in the place where Edyta has 3×3 chunky things.

The class description said that Edyta would talk about fabric choice, and I was looking forward to that. However, all she’s really said about colour, is to use all the colours of the colour wheel, and to be sure to include complementary colours.

She did talk a lot about prints. She says she starts with a multicolour print that suggests a colourway for the quilt, then pulls the individual colours out, trying to find fabrics that have one main colour from the quilt, plus hints of other quilt colours. Moreover, she uses a “Rule of Five” for prints, looking for large prints, small prints, medium prints, a “dot” (could be polka-dot, or other repeating pattern that is similar to a dot) and a “stripe” (could be a stripe, plaid, batik with fringey lines, etc): this adds visual interest to the scrappy quilt.

IMG_1705I’m going to go ahead and start cutting up stuff from my stash. I told myself I couldn’t buy anything new until I started using up what I owned — now I feel like I need to move the fabric out of my drawers and be able to move on with life! I see this quilt as an opportunity to do just that. I hope it works out!

And perhaps as I go along, I will start to learn more about colour, just by doing. Here are a few of the fabric strips I’ve cut so far, which incorporate some fabrics I’d long ago given up on. I’m amazed to find that, by tossing them together in this way, I’m actually looking forward to piecing them together and cutting out diamonds from them.



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