At last — the diamond template!

The acrylic template I ordered for the Edyta Sitar quilt finally arrived. The tracking information showed that it took two days to get from Los Angeles to Toronto (with several city stops in between); then it took 8 days to make the 1 hour trip from Toronto to my home. Hm. Ah well, it finally arrived, so I could begin cutting — there was no way I wanted to cut 200 diamonds using a paper template!

Strip set 1Here is a photo of fabric strips being auditioned to make a strip set — I want to use what’s in my stash only, so sometimes it is a shuffle to find the right combination of colours, or to try to include a fabric I’d like to work in. I quickly realized I couldn’t include pink without including several pinks – it’s such an attention-commanding colour that it looks funny to have just one occasional strip of it.

first star layout

Here’s a pic of eight of my diamonds laid out in a star (not sewn yet). One benefit of this quilt is that I’ve already used up a few random pieces of fabric that were haunting my stash — they’ve been “stripped”. I’m sure I will have some strips left over after this project, so I’ll have to plan a secondary “strip” project to keep using them up.





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