Japanese indigo blocks

Japanese blocks pinned 2I’ve been working through the block construction for the latest Japanese quilt. Feels good to have it coming together.

I didn’t have a large enough design wall, and with two dogs I didn’t want to leave it on the floor, so I have pinned up a sheet across the doorway to my sewing room, and pinned the blocks onto that. It doesn’t show each block to best advantage; however, it does let me see the general layout and size.

I made the decision to rotate orientation of alternate blocks, so that pattern of the indigo rectangles alternates when the blocks are abutted. However, I’m still debating putting sashing between the blocks.

Japanese blocks pinned upRight now, I am actually debating using a thin strip of red as sashing; having the blocks pinned to the brown sheet is what made me think of using something more dramatic than cream. Red would add some colour to the quilt, which is otherwise predominantly navy and cream, and perhaps draw out the bits of colour in some of patterned indigo strips; it would also increase the size of the quilt a little, which might make it fit my bed better.

Still some time to think about that, as I still have 1.5 rows to finish sewing.



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