My improv block is in a quilt!

2016 plowing match quilt 1The challenge block I entered back in November to the Plowing Match contest didn’t win (not that I expected it to), but it was incorporated into a raffle quilt. Actually, a total of 85 blocks were submitted to the contest, enabling the coordinator — my friend Renske — to make two large quilts and a wallhanging! She brought the two quilts to guild last night and I snapped a couple of pictures.

My Goldfish-in-the-Pond block (the one I made in the Cheryl Arkison improv class) appears in the top right corner of this first quilt: you can see the pops of orange that are my “fish”. I’m happy to see it wasn’t the only modern block in the bunch, nor is it standing out as too different in colour.

2016 plowing match quilt 2
I also took a picture of the second quilt. Such a neat diversity of blocks! And to think that Renske was worried about not having enough blocks submitted to make a quilt. I knew she was worrying for nothing. In the pictures she is pointing out the blocks that won the challenge contest. I would have found it hard to choose, as there are so many impressive ones.

A lot of farm themed blocks — not too surprising, I guess, since it’s for a plowing match. And of course the theme of the challenge was “30 shades of green”, so that’s why all the blocks are green.

Next up — deciding if I’m going to enter a quilt into the Plowing Match quilt competition. I suppose I could put in the Japanese quilt… hm. Need to get it finished, then!




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