Piecing along…

I had hoped to attend a Modern Quilt Guild meeting last night, but unfortunately we had an ice storm! I don’t know if the meeting still ran or not, but I did not want to risk going out in bad weather to attend it. Well, another time, I guess!

several modern quilt blocksHowever, I’m happy to report that I’ve made some progress on my latest quilt blocks, which remind me of the Candy Stix we used to buy at the variety store when we were kids.

Not sure if I’m liking the darkest squares… though my husband insists that they look good, and that I should even add another shade darker to the quilt. Well, I will continue with the three lighter shades, then see how I feel about darker blocks. I can always take the darker blocks out and make them into a runner.

All in all, these squares are exceptionally easy to make, and it is gratifying to use my littlest scraps! All that I have left now are little strings too small to sew with — and those I plan to put out for the birds to gather for nests.

First five rows of Japanese quiltThe Japanese quilt is also progressing, and I have most of the first 5 columns pieced. I realized that I would have to do a little extra piecing in the border to continue my “alternate blocks” theme, but that won’t take much. (See down the left side, I’ve patched a “short-long-short” to abut with the “long-long” side of the block: you can see the two “short ends” sticking out, waiting to be trimmed off.)

I just keep alternating some sewing on this Japanese quilt with making the modern squares, and it helps keep me from getting bored with either project.

What’s next on the horizon? Well, I have to continue with my Edyta Sitar quilt — I’ve set those strip sets aside for a while, but must get back to pressing, joining, and then cutting diamonds and triangles.

Then… I have promised to make my BIL and his partner a quilt using fabrics they brought back from Bali. I ran the idea of a large half-hex past them, and they seem enthusiastic about it. Maybe I will audition some fabrics for them to see what they think. I will also need to buy a half-hex template (at least, having one would make the cutting much easier!)






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