Contemplating pixels

I noticed a long, long time ago that there’s a clear and inviting connection between quilting with little squares, and 8 bit pixel graphics on computer games, and knitting or needlepoint charts — they all reduce images to discrete squares, and the more and smaller the squares, the clearer the resulting image.

Craftsy-Pictures-to-Pixel-QuiltsFor a long time I’ve had this idea translating images into a quilt in this manner. I’m not the only one. You can find many images of the Internet of people who’ve had the very same idea. You can even find quilts featuring 8-bit Nintendo images, which look fun to make!

I noticed on Craftsy a free class in making a pixelated quilt, featuring kona solids fabric. Can’t resist a free class! And I thought the eye looked neat.


I’m tempted to do this same thing — an enlarged, pixelated version of my eye. It would look cool. But it also doesn’t feel very original, since it’s the class sample. I thought of doing my dog’s eye, but a woman in my guild, Jennifer Johnston, showed a cat’s eye in our guild’s last quilt show. Looks cool, but I don’t want to feel like I’m duplicating what someone else has already done.

The point of the Craftsy class is to take your own photo and pixelate it… could be a picture of anything. The trouble is, not all pictures translate well to this concept. I think it works well when the image is something that is still clearly recognizable when pixelate. Then, you are looking at it as though from a new perspective, but still seeing the same thing. That’s why the eye works well.

But other things — the instructor showed some samples on the online class, but her photo ideas once digitized didn’t look recognizably like the original image, in the same way the eye did. They often just looked like randomized dabs of colour.

So now I’m on a quest to find subject matter for a quilt like this — something that is personal, recognizable, meaningful. Will have to contemplate that.




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