What – Bauhaus cancelled?!?

Sadly, I got a phone message today letting me know that the Bauhaus drawing class I’d signed up for has been cancelled, due to lack of enrollment. I was so looking forward to it! It was supposed to start next week. So — I guess I’m back to teaching myself.

candy sticks in progressIn happier news, piecing is coming along for my “Candy Stix” quilt.

Each block is different, because the fabric and colours in the strip is different. Within each strip, I might have analogous or complementary colours, or I might have simply varied the shade or tone of the colour.

It was an interesting exercise, as I pieced each strip, to determine which scraps worked best together. Sometimes I would put two pieces together and decide that the combination didn’t work — that it was either too discordant or too flat. Some strips looked better set in a lighter background square; the darker tan squares definitely required more vibrant tones — there was one block I unpicked because the strip I’d used looked so dull in the tan square; I replaced it in the tan square, then put the strip into a lighter square where it worked much better.

So putting these strips together reminded me a lot of the exercises in “Interaction of Colour” which require the student to examine the same colour juxtaposed with many different colours — you can then see how that colour “behaves” based on the colour it is paired with. I think what Josef Albers said was true — that you only really come to understand colour by working with it.






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