Black border for dog quilt

Dog quilt black bordersToday, I put a border on the dog quilt. I went all through my stash, auditioning fabrics left and right, trying to find the one that looked best with the quilt. I tried a red, but it was too vibrant. The blue I had was too dull. A brown might have been okay, but I didn’t have quite enough. I finally went with black. A little concerned that it would overwhelm the quilt, but it seems to be okay — feedback from the family is that it complements the black-centre stars, and perhaps makes the quilt look a bit less “little boy”, since it’s now for a 14 year old. I’ve been debating how to quilt it, but am leaning towards a spiral design, using my walking foot. I really want to try out a spiral, and this seems like as good a place as any to do so — it will be a cool effect.

Xmas runnerSpeaking of quilting, I decided that I need to keep moving forward, so today I quilted a small runner that’s been sitting around forever. I decided to go with the “gentle curves” demonstrated by Jacquie Gering in the Craftsy class I’ve been watching.

It’s a bit hard to tell on the front, because there’s so many colours going on — I’m including a picture of the back, where the quilting shows up a lot more. I started in about the middle and quilting wavy lines down the length of the piece to one border; then I inverted, and quilted in the other direction, stopping at the first vertical wavy line. The trick then is to pivot, travel along the existing line for a few stitches, pivot again, and then stitch back out to the edge.

back of wavy lines runner

It’s made more difficult by the fact that my walking foot does not have an open toe (I had to lift the foot and peer underneath to see if I’d intersected the vertical stitching line yet), and also that when I got onto the light-coloured fabric, it was difficult to even see the stitching line! But I think it came out okay.

The lighting and my camera have made this piece look yellow, but actually it’s a light green, similar to the green in the blocks on the front of the piece!

Obviously, my next purchase is going to be an open-toe walking foot. I can already see how much easier life would be if I could see where my needle was!




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