Brown batik scraps

It’s funny the things that end up in my sewing room. A couple of years ago, my brother-in-law and his Significant Other travelled to Bali. They visited a factory where batiks were made, and I think they were either allowed to take some free scraps, or to stuff a bag with scraps for a low price.

brown batiksThese are real scraps — little, irregularly shaped pieces. I believe the factory made shirts and dresses from the batiks, and these bits were the trimmings. They are mostly brown and black — not especially exciting pieces. After they were given to me, I just let them sit in my cupboard for the longest time, while I contemplated what I could do with them.

But now they are out on my design board, and on my cutting table, and I’m contemplating how to use them. My plan is to pair them with some nice, bright fabrics, so that instead of being boring brown scraps, they will be part of an exciting piece. Stay tuned…





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