CQA 2016

CQA2016: anita payne's label quiltOn Friday, my friends Karen, Megan and I joined a bus trip to the CQA show. We had a great time! The bus arrived right at the 9:30 opening, so we hustled back to the National Juried Show, to try to see as much as we could before the place got too crowded. There were a lot of great quilts! Very inspiring. And it was neat to see quilts made by people I know.

CQA2016: St Jacobs MarketAs soon as I saw this quilt was made of labels, I guessed it was created by Anita Payne. I remember the great Panda bear quilt she made out of black and white clothing labels a few years ago.

And of course I recognized the fabulous “Slices of Market Life”, again by women I know from guild. Wonderful work — and reminds me of Saturday mornings at the St Jacobs market. They won the “Excellence for a Group Quilt” award — congratulations, ladies!

Crackin the CodeI think one of my favourite quilts was “Crackin’ the Code” by Tannis Fahlman. It won first place in the Traditional bedquilts category, but I think the colours and design to me are very fresh and modern. If there was quilt I would take home to put on my bed, it would probably be this one.

Dorothy Holdenmeyer's skylineI was surprised to recognize Dorothy Holdenmeyer’s name as the creator of this Toronto skyline — but then I remembered her saying how much she likes making buildings.

I like how the scrappy piecing makes it look like the city is lit up at night.

evelyn JagoThere were lots of beautiful applique quilts, and while I admired the incredible amount of time that went into making them, as well as the workmanship, I feel pretty convinced that I myself will never make a big applique piece. However, I almost reconsidered that position when I saw Evelyn Jago’s stunning quilt that looks like stained glass. The picture doesn’t capture how glowy it looked, hanging in the show.

Remember how I was contemplating making a pixelated quilt? Well, the Toronto Modern guild show offered this unexpected portrait of George Michael, by Rebecca Burnett. CQA2016: Rebecca Burnett quilt

At first, I only recognized that it was a man’s face — it wasn’t until I looked at it through the camera, and got a bit more “distance” from it, that I saw clearly it was George Michael.

IMG_1431Rebecca herself was there, and when I talked to her about it, she said the computer work to figure out the pixelation was the hardest part of making the quilt! She used grey circles instead of the traditional square pixels.

Hundreds and Thousands by Berene CampbellI also have to mention a quilt that made Megan laugh — it reminded her of my penchant for using the tiniest pieces. It is called Hundreds and Thousands, by Berene Campbell.

There were so many other great and interesting quilts, I don’t have room to post about all the ones I liked! Lots of inspiration for future quilts, that’s for certain.

IMG_1439In the afternoon, we wandered through the vendor stalls, and I splurged and bought some fabric — mostly modern stuff, and things I have never seen locally. Never fear, I didn’t go crazy! I know I’m still on a mission to use up my stash — it just needed a little injection of fresh, modern fabrics.

Oh, and I really liked the way one vendor was selling precuts — as cupcakes! Yes, we all know that new fabric is delicious!


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