Woot! Diamonds all cut!

I feel ready to celebrate! All 232 of my scrappy diamonds are cut!

Diamonds don

I wanted to show them as one big tower, but it kept falling over before I could snap the picture.

I needed to make 23 strips sets (each set had 12 strips of fabric) to cut the diamonds… plus piecing a few extra from strip scraps. I admit to hitting a wall at one point, and I took a break for a while from this project. But I managed to move myself forward by setting a goal to cut just 8 more diamonds each day, until finally yesterday I was down to my last 48 — I pushed through and finished them off this morning. Honestly, little by little does the trick when you are working on a big project.

I had already sewn and cut the strip sets (only 4 strips per set this time) to make the scrappy triangles for the border. So that’s done.

Next up for this quilt, I need to make 272 HSTs (2″ square); also, 180 4-patches (2″ square). Then I can cut some squares, rectangles and triangles for the background, and start assembling. Lots of work to do yet! But getting all the diamonds cut feels like a major hurdle. Phew!


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