Working through those UFOs!

I feel like there’s been a fire lit underneath me for getting through my UFO pile. I set a goal to finish 5 projects in July: already 4 are finished, 2 are on the cusp of being finished, and three more are waiting in the wings. I’m excited! The next step will be to start getting these finished pieces used around the house — spread on beds, or hung on walls.

9 patch on Mouses bed

I made this quilt some time ago, and even had it quilted… I’m pathetic, I know, but I procrastinated forever about binding it. I even used it on my own bed last summer, without the binding! So now it is all bound, looks great — and I put it on my daughter’s bed.

I had hesitated about letting her have it, since the dog sleeps in her room and I didn’t want the pastel colours enhanced with dog prints. But she assures me the dog will stay on the floor, and after all, I made the quilt to be used, not to hang over the stair railing year after year. So she’s enjoying it.

quilted japanese panelNext up, a panel that was used as a practice piece in the first Freemotion Quilting class I ever took. I didn’t like how some of the quilting had turned out — especially in the waves — so I finally picked out the parts I really didn’t like, and restitched them. Much happier with it now. Just have to bind it, and it will hang in the bedroom of son #3, who loves ocean and water themes.

autumn birchesFinally, I finished up an applique project that had been sitting for ages — another remnant from a class I once took on needleturn applique, taught by my friend Renske. I only had one tree left to applique, but somehow I never got around to finishing it! Well, this was the week, so the trees were done, then I found a fabric I liked to frame it, and did some walking-foot quilting. Once it’s bound, I will hang it up somewhere, so I can enjoy it. Autumn is my favourite season, and I love the autumn colours in this little piece.




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