flower postcardI did turn that little flower stem into a fabric postcard — voila!

I made a bright orange yo-yo and sewed it on, then turned the rectangle into a postcard by attaching it to some Peltex and serging around the edges.

I thought it was rather pretty, and made a nice thank you card to send to a friend who kindly gave Mouse and I several bags of scraps and craft supplies.

train quilt progressI also made a start on the train quilt. Just as I said earlier, it was the easiest thing to put together, since it’s mostly big squares that show off the novelty print fabric and the panels. In the photo, I’m auditioning the blue and more train fabric for borders.

However, after getting this far with it, I sat down and made a list off all my projects, then prioritized which ones I should be working on… and this train quilt was pretty far down the list. I do have a couple of time-sensitive projects to work on just now. So I bundled it all up neatly away into my cupboard! But it will make an easy-t0-finish project to take to a sewing day this fall.




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