Ice dyed fabric


Ice dyeing is an interesting way to make mottled fabric. Here is Mouse, dyeing fabric in a glass vase. First the fabric was soaked in basic solution, to prepare it. Then Mouse crumpled a piece of fabric in the bottom of the vase, covered it with a handful of ice, then sprinkled some dye powder on the ice. Then, another piece of fabric, more ice, more dye powder. She was able to fit about five layers of fabric and ice in this vase — then we covered it with a plastic bag and left it several hours, till all the ice melted.

Mouse used three shades of blue, so her fabrics came out looking like a summer sky:


The darkest fabrics came from the bottom of the vase; the lightest from the top.

Renske wanted to do a t-shirt, so we put a piece of plastic window screen over a bucket, placed the pre-soaked t-shirt on the screen, then mounded ice over it. It was a bit tricky! Of course, the idea is that the ice will melt into the bucket below. She used blues and some fuschia.



It turned out beautifully! Maybe I’ll do one next time we ice-dye!


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