Car quilt – done!

I think I posted many months ago about this quilt. I made the top from vehicle fabrics I collected when my second son was a little boy – he was car-obsessed back then. Due to my procrastination habits, however, the quilt I bought them for never got made, and he’s now an adult.

Thankfully, I’ve been working on emending my procrastinating ways! The fabrics were turned into a lap-sized quilt in a simple brick pattern. I thought it would be a good charity quilt for our guild’s outreach program which provides snuggle quilts to children who are hospitalized with chronic health issues. But once pieced, the top still needed quilting – sadly, it returned to my cupboard, though promoted to the “To Quilt” pile.

car quilt for charity.jpg

Recently, my friend Megan wanted to practice pantographs on her long-arm machine, but was reluctant to experiment on a “good quilt”. I offered to let her pantograph this quilt – a young boy, I figured, would be more interested in the car fabric itself, and likely oblivious to any mistakes in the quilting. So here is the completed quilt, and I think Megan did an awesome job! I don’t know what she was so worried about; the pantograph looks great. She even did the binding – what a nice person she is.

Now, I just have to add a label, and it will be ready to donate at our guild meeting in September. Hopefully it will bring comfort to a little person in the hospital.




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