Trimmed and bound

IMG_2080Here’s Mouse’s quilt, trimmed and bound. And I also photo’d the back side. I really like the fabric on the back – it could be totally reversible.

I take my pictures with my iPad, and I’ve realized that it somehow distorts the image — it makes it look wider at the top than the bottom. Maybe I should be crouching more, and aiming to get the focus more in the middle? Anyway, I wanted to assure you that the quilts we make here are not all tapered!


Another thing you probably aren’t noticing is that the runner is being displayed on one panel of my new design wall! DH is in the process of putting up two 4×8 flannel-covered panels on one way off my sewing room. I bought a soft, butter-yellow flannel, and we assembled the first panel this morning. However, after we had pneumatically stapled the batting and flannel on all sides and stood up the panel, we realized that the thin plastic label on the foamboard shows through  — you can vaguely read the green words “Durofoam Plus” under my yellow flannel. It would be way too much work to pull out all those staples and peel off the label, so it’ll have to be a “live & learn” experience. I felt disappointed — but as Mouse says, I’ll just have to make sure my design wall is always covered with the quilt blocks for some new project, and it won’t be a problem!


The other thing you can notice, on the right of the picture, is my other little applique piece, all bound and ready to display somewhere.

(Hey, even this pic makes the piece look smaller at the bottom and wider at the top!)

My goal was to finish 5 projects in July, and I finished 7. And, we got the design wall underway. So all in all, a good month and on target.

My August goal is to finish 5 more projects! Once again, I will be trying to tackle the closest-to-finished ones first, so hopefully this goal will be extremely doable.



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