My new design wall

I’m very grateful to my darling husband for adding a design wall to my sewing room!


He bought three foam-core boards, we covered them with a layer of batting and a layer of pale yellow flannel, and then he screwed them to the long wall of my sewing room. Ta-da! Suddenly I have a great big space to lay out a full-sized quilt on! It’s so great.

And once the wall was up, I was inspired to get out my Japanese quilt again, which was still only partially pieced… over the last week or so, I’ve finished off all the blocks and began sewing the columns together. Now, as you can see in the picture, there are only 4 long seams left to sew, and I will be done!

I’ve already purchased fabric for the back, so I’ll just need to get some navy blue thread for quilting, and I’m thinking of machine quilting it with my walking foot. The patterned indigo fabrics are already so busy, I don’t think more design is needed, so just some straight row stitching will finish it off.

I had those jellyrolls of indigo prints for SO LONG! I’m really excited to have finally made them into something. And the new design wall made it so much easier to get the blocks all arranged the way I wanted them — much better than trying to lay them out on my dog-hair-covered floor, or pinning them to a bedsheet. Thank you, dear husband!!


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